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We wish you very welcome to Lappudden-

Conference and Recreation centra of the High Coast,

 northern Sweden



Background and history of Lappudden


The beautiful place of Lappudden is situated in Nordingrå in the heart of the world heritage of the High Coast area in northeast Sweden. Right here the nature, with small mountains, deep valleys, bays and islands reminds us of the still going on landraising process (right now ca 8 Millimeter every year)- a heritage from the latest icetime ending up in this part of Sweden about 9600 years ago. This and other unic nature processes and phenomenon referring to the icetime made UNESCO appointing the area to a world heritage area in the year of 2000.


Lappudden has a long and rich history. By the 17th century the area was settled by the Sami, indigenous peoples of northern Sweden. As reindeer herders, the Sami sought grazing areas between the mountains and the coast. By the 18th century the Sami settled permanently in Lappudden and became known as “Sami of the Parish” suggesting that their lives as nomads had come to an end as they integrated into society. To support themselves, the Sami became handcrafters and horse slaughterers. At Lappudden you can see ancient artifacts from their settlements. During the 19th and 20th centuries, Lappudden was a farmstead until the community of Kramfors purchased the land in the 1940’s creating a recreation center for schools and local groups.


Today´s Lappudden- a place of activities and accomodation


Since 2008 Lappudden is run by the company of AGMA Forntid & Äventyr- conference and experience arranger. The place is open all year round for prebooked goups, and we arrange wedding parties, conferences, accommodation, nature experiences, food, café, school camps, activities and all kind of arranged tours. 


During summer we have open all days. We offer following:




At Lappudden, accommodations range from individual rooms to a variety of cabins. Cabins sleep 2, 4 or 5 people. One available cabin contains 2, two-room apartments with a shared bathroom. Every cabin is appointed with a mini-kitchen with stove and refrigerator; some of the apartments and cabins have bathrooms. There is a nearby building offering toilets, showers and a room for doing the washing up. During your stay you may rent our sauna, outdoor bath and traditional barbeque hut.


Café and food


In the Summer of 2009, we opened “Café Lappuden – The World Heritage Café.” We offer sandwiches and cakes inspired by local food traditions. Lighter lunches will also be available for purchase.


In 2010 Café Lappuden will be opened from 28 June – 13 August, Monday – Friday from noon to 4:00.  The café will close on those days when Lappudden is booked for wedding parties.


If you would like to dine during your stay at Lappudden, we offer an “open air dinner” for our guests, a simple, tasty meal prepared by us and served in the beautiful outdoors. If you are a group of 12 or more, we can offer you lunch and dinner from either our normal menu or from our catering menu.


Nature experiences and rental


If you like to activate yourself during your stay by us we recommend you to rent a kajak, a canoe, bicycle or a small fishing boot for some hours or a day to experience the beautiful nature by your own. Lappudden is situated just by lake Vågsfjärden, perfect to explore over a day with its many small bays and islands, and if you chose a bicycle you just have to catch the narrow and hilly road and visit the beautiful old fishing camps of Bönhamn and Norrfällsviken by the sea some 15 Kilometers from Lappudden.

Lappudden is also a perfect place for starting or ending up a trekking since the place is situated along the High coast trail and also a trekking goal on the trail. For smaller groups we also offer following packages:


“The Combined Tour”

Kajaking and trekking without a guide along the coast, accommodations, dinners and transfers included (offered to smaller groups all seasons except winter)


“The World Heritage Tour”

Trekking without a guide along the High Coast trail, accommodations, dinners and transfers included (offered to smaller groups all seasons except winter)


“The “Multi Tour”

Try three perfect ways of experiencing the world heritage area: trekking, kajaking and bicycling. Accommodations, dinners and transfers included (offered to smaller groups all seasons except winter)


Bicycle tour in Nordingrå

Experience beautiful Nordingrå from the bicycle! The tour has a length of about 40 kilometer and takes you to the most popular nature- and culture sites in Nordingrå. Accomodation 1 night, dinner and sauna included.


Bicycle tour 3 days in the world heritage area

The start of this tour can be either at Lappudden or at the youth hostel of “Dutch Harbour” in Klockestrand close to the town of Kramfors. The tour goes between the two sites on small, beautiful roads and takes you back to the place where you started on day 1. Accomodations at Lappudden and Dutch Harbour, dinners and sauna included.


“Mini holiday” at Lappudden

Take a short vacation of a day and a half with somebody you likes and try typical finnish sauna, outdoor bath and a day of trekking or canoing. Meals and accommodations included.



For more details about these tours, including pricing, phone or e-mail us.





If fishing is your desire, this part of Sweden is a bountiful paradise. Throughout the High Coast, we offer both lake and sea fishing adventures on our pristine waters. For an easy and relaxed option, try your luck on your own by renting one of our boats for a day of fishing. Otherwise, we offer guided fishing tours that begin and end at Lappudden. We can arrange packages for any length of time for a day of fishing on the sea, with or without accommodations and meals.





Lappudden - Gift Certificates


In 2008 the favorite Christmas gift amongst Swedes was the nature adventure. Lappudden offers a wide range of gift ideas, from a relaxing sauna or an outdoor bath to the more ambitious trekking adventures or a day of fishing. Think of us the next time you are considering a gift for a partner, relative or colleague. Please contact us for ideas and details.



Prehistoric Adventures


For many years we- Maria and Agne- have organized school events and events for adults that recall the area’s prehistoric history. If you are a group, you have the opportunity to book some hours or a whole day of historic activities like forging, baking bread and shooting with old fashioned bows. A perfect complement to for example a conference or a school camp.



Directions to Lappudden


Driving north on highway E4, pass the High Coast Bridge and continue for approximately 20 kilometers, turning right when you reach the community of Ullånger and the sign “Nordingrå Kyrka” (Nordingrå Church). Follow this road for approximately 15 kilometers until you reach the sign “Lappudden” by Lake Vågsfjärden. Turn right onto the dirt road and follow for 1 kilometer. Turn left onto the cape and you will find Lappudden.


If you reach Nordingrå Church, you have driven too far. Turn around and drive back 1 kilometer and turn left.


Short history about the High Coast world heritage area, Sweden


In the year of 2000 the “High Coast” area in the landscape of Ångermanland in northeastern part of Sweden was pointed out as a world heritage area by UNESCO thanks to the unic geological processes deriving from the last ice-age. The ice, mostly 800 meter thick, melted in this area about 9500 years ago, and after that the land started to rise. During this time the nowadays “High Coast” was mostly an island-landscape where groups of hunters and gatherers lived.


Nowhere else in the world the land rises faster than here, today almost 1 centimeter per year which makes 1 meter/hundred year. On top of the extremely steep and well-known mountain of “Skuleberget” in the middle of the area you can today find the highest former shore on earth, 286 meter over today´s sea level. In the forest right beneath the Skule mountain runs today the swedish coastal main road, the E4. Due to the changing of nature you can, for example, today see great stonefields right up on the top of the hills where once the seashore existed. Special plants, historical and cultural remains and seebays turning into lakes are other examples.


In the area there is a national park closed to the sea called “Skuleskogen” with hilly landscape, very old forest and special plants and animals, and through the whole High Coast area runs the “High Coast Trail”, in total 130 Kilometers from the start by the very southern border by the High Coast bridge by river Ångermanälven to the city of Örnsköldsvik in the northernmost part of the world heritage.


Since the year of 2006 the High Coast area is a joint heritage area together with the nearby finnish archepelago area of “Kvarken” by the city of Vasa. In “Kvarken” the landrising phenomenon is the same as in the High Coast since the two areas have been buried under the same ice. The landscape in Kvarken is, on the contrary, totally different to that of the High Coast: Here the land is flat with no mountains and hills due to the different surface of earth, and thousands of small, long islands along the coast by Vaasa  reminds us of the time when the ice melted and left stones and sands behind.

 The joint heritage area is now called “The High Coast-Kvarken world heritage site”.



We wish you very welcome to experiences with

Destination High Coast!


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Maria and Agne

Textruta: Kyrkpaddling
Vågsfjärden Nordingrå, Höga Kusten.
Foto Agne SäterbergVallen och Nordingrå Kyrka.
Foto Agne SäterbergBönhamn Nordingrå, Höga Kusten.
Foto Agne SäterbergTextruta: High Coast